Easy is as Easy Does


We went. We ate. We wanted to love it. Me especially because Fast Gourmet gives a person the happy spins and a jumping jack appetite. The guys who made Fast Gourmet made TakEatEasy. I want to love anything that anyone makes with spiritfelt intentions. LCatTEE

It was, um, strange and strangely awkward. What did we miss? Why didn’t we get it?

Post article
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 4.38.46 PM

WichesTEEThe chivito was terrific which is a triumph and enough, making TakEatEasy a destination. Fries, too, good. The language spoken at TakEatEasy is something I only speak in pigeonsandwich. We tried hard. We wanted to take it more easy.

Please parse it out for me someone. Why is TakEatEasy better than Fast Gourmet? Who goes to the new place? And why? Even the where is a mystery to me. Sandwich whisperer, speak to me.


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