A Thin Man No More

Yet another sandwichy reason to hit the brakes when you get to Pittsburgh.
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.23.41 PM

The Thin Man Sandwich Shop

Dan and Sherri Leiphart

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Blog

From The Sublime Miss M:

David and I were starving. We were on our way home from working the Pittsburgh Farm-To-Table Conference where I was selling my book, Tomatoes Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.52.47 PMand promoting the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

We stopped at buddy Amy’s Mon Amiee Chocolat in the Strip to check in and pick up chocolate and she that reminded me of the new Thin Man Sandwich Shop. David got their first and ordered two beef shin sandwiches with horseradish mayo and braised celery. Since I wanted to taste something else, I changed my order to their signature sandwich, The Thin Man, a baguette spread with chicken liver mousse, topped with local bacon, frissee and a red wine vinaigrette.

Wow! We ate both of these driving those 2 hours back home, washed down with their honey lemon drink, which tasted, just like owner Sherry Leiphart said, of honeycomb.

Fabulous sandwiches. There was nothing left but crumbs.

Sandwichy thanks to the Sublime Miss M.

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