Toast Poast Number Ba2+ + 2 H2PO2- + 2 H3O+ + SO42- => BaSO4 + 2 H3PO2 + 2 H2O

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.22.03 AMNot so very long ago we spent an afternoon at AwesomeConDC, something I could have NEVER foreseen pre-parent-of-a-son-hood, and ran into Liz and Jimmy Reed of Cuddles and Rage, a “disturblingly cute comic”.

CuddleFood + comics? We  find that combo funny and find ourselves disturbed by overuse of the word cute. “Isn’t that just so cute?” is a phrase kiboshed long ago by my all-knowing teen. As for cuddles and rage? Both are embraced, absorbed, resisted and vaporized in this toasty household. I’ll take the cuddles and forgive the rage. 
Cuddle card


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