I was poking around my library and craving the past. Some of it anyway. Dental care is much better now, so thankfully I do not have to live on a diet of mashed bananas. There’s that. Cold comfort, I say, while cozying up with Homemade Banana Recipes from the Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation. Take me back, take me back, to a day before rock and roll, when a banana could make a girl lose control.

Did you know? Bananas are a GIANT herb. Truth.
Banana sandwich cover Aah, the doily covered plate. Those were the days. Bananas are not greasy and do not stain doilies. Word. Banana sandwich
“Have filling in readiness.” Words not written since BC, the birth of Duck-Walking Chuck. A time when one would wear gloves in readiness for luncheon.

While I do not crave fumbling my sandwich in white gloves…remembering my mother putting on gloves to slide nylons up her young legs before a gloved luncheon…well…the memory makes me slip on a banana peel of nostalgia for childhood lunches of peanut butter and banana sandwiches on my father’s bakery’s white bread. With milk from his dairy. Yup, have appetite in readiness. For sandwiches, stockings, sentiment.


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