How Now Pow

I’ve never had a sandwich sleep.
I hope one day to do that.
Pickle, bread, tomato sheets.
I think I’d want to chew that.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.53.19 AM

Ah, yes, I wrote the “Purple Cow”.
I’m sorry now, I wrote it;
But I can tell you anyhow
I’ll kill you if you quote it!
Gelett Burgess


4 responses to “How Now Pow

  1. The store is in St. Louis, you should buy them the next time you’re there seeing the Bottle Rockets 😉

  2. I will jump in my time travel machine, see the Bottle Rockets in their early days and pick up several sets of sheets for myself and my closest friends.

  3. Roadtrip!!

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