Buttoned Up DC Goes Extreme

Shameless Self Promotion Alert

washingtonian_F_985Photo by Scott Suchman, Styling by Yours Truly

The Washingtonian’s 25 Best Burgers was created a while back but I failed to post it here. Extreme oversight.

Traipsing around town, the photo crew – Michael Goesele, Diane Rice, Scott Suchman and me – took pictures at several hamburger outfits. Ray’s Hell-Burger,  Red Apron Butchery and Food Wine & Co were all in the running, on what criteria I do not know. They all make damn fine burgers.

The extremist burger I have styled to date was a jaw-dropper, although to wrap your mouth around it would require the engineering of a snake’s lower jaw. Extremely wide opening for eating things larger than one’s own head. Yuck, who would want to? Well, say you did, this burger was a humdinger.

Two disks of macaroni and cheese, breaded and fried, surrounding a lobster cake, cheese-topped beef burger, lettuce and tomato. What’s with the dinky salad, buried and wilted? Were it up to me I might have included a couple fried green tomato slabs. If you’re going extreme, go extremely extreme, say I. Brown, brown, brownish orange, orange, orangish brown, top to bottom, dripping and crispy.



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