Alidoro, I Adore You

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.41.52 PM
It’s tiny inside, no vestibule to catch the arctic breezes. Loiterers not welcome, seemingly – just guessing from the vibe. So yeah, I’m in love. All the world needs this place on their block.

Anyone can love an easy sandwich joint. So yeah, we go for this one, get your sandwich and hit the road. Easy in the eating though. Alidoro, we adore you.


I got a note ahead of time from Barbara, with whom we would lunch. “FYI, Yelp is not kind to Alidoro.” So yeah, Yelp you big bully, step off!  We stepped on. Oh yeah, what a sandwich!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.42.19 PM

In plain English, the sandwiches of Alidoro are superb. Even if you gotta keep your coat on in the chilly months. So yeah, we’ll be back. In the meanwhile, Alidoro, please don’t go out of business. And Yelp, mind your own business. Step off, close up, shutter already, would ya?


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