The Sublime Miss M sent me this coast-to-coast sandwich escapade. Thank you!
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The James Beard Foundation Word on American Sandwiches

True or Nah??

Weigh in folks.  The Cuban is a sandwich I associate strongly with Tampa. True or nah? How now, the Nuke? Am I alone in my ignorance? You from Alaska, is a Reindeer Sausage Sandwich a standard comestible? Raising an eyebrow over the Baltimore choice – perhaps I am in the dark there, too. Crabcakes do not rule the streets of Baltimore? Now the Runza, Along-for-the-Ride Heidi has whispered to me re: Runza. Believe it’s a kissing cousin, once or twice removed. And you know what blows my mind? The New Jersey Sloppy Joe has not been appropriated by hipster worldwide, inc. And, the burning issue, Mother in Law Sandwich, where art thou?

Should you desire to drill deep into sandwich bedrock, I kindly suggest you click on the links.

1. Alaska                         Reindeer sausage sandwich

2. Arizona                      Navajo taco

3. Arkansas                  Fried bologna sandwich

4. California                 French dip

5. Colorado                   Denver sandwich   

6. Connecticut            Lobster roll

7. Florida (Miami)        Cubano

8. Illinois (Chicago)      Italian beef

9. Illinois                     The Horseshoe

10. Indiana                     The pork tenderloin

11. Iowa                           Loose meat (a.k.a. the Maid-Rite)

12. Kentucky            Hot Brown

13. Louisiana (New Orleans) Muffaletta

14. Louisiana (New Orleans) Po’ boy

15. Maine                   Lobster roll

16. Maine (Portland) Italian

17. Maryland (Baltimore)  Lake trout sandwich

18. Minnesota (Minneapolis)  Jucy Lucy

19. Mississippi             Elvis sandwich

20. Missouri (St. Louis)  The St. Paul

21. Montana (Helena)     The nuke

22. Nebraska (Lincoln)    The runza

23. New Jersey               Sloppy Joe

24. New Jersey              Submarine sandwich

25. New York (Buffalo)     Beef on weck

26. NYC                           Corned beef or pastrami on rye

27. North Carolina            Pulled pork BBQ 

28. Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)     Cheese steak

29. Ohio (Cleveland)             The Polish boy

30. South Dakota (Aberdeen)   Pheasant sandwich

31. Virginia (Williamsburg)          Ham biscuit

32. Washington, D.C.                Half-smoke


4 responses to “Tablescaping

  1. Just reading the words sloppy joe triggered a Pavlovian response – want, need one now! Or a po boy from Nawilins.
    No entry for Boston? Clam roll? Italian hoagie?

  2. I’d indict a ham biscuit long before I’d eat one. But, the rest of my Virginia family doesn’t celebrate anything without ham biscuits.

  3. Yeah, LRoy, how could Boston not be on this list? I feel the need for a Joe, too. Only had one once and once is not nearly enough!

  4. Ham biscuits must be like sauerkraut at Thanksgiving in Baltimore. Salty, provincial and essential if you are part of the tribe.

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