Maine Suits Her

A sandwich missive from Suits-Herself Cindy on family holiday in Maine LAST WINTER. What took me so long to post this?!?


On the way from Portland to Bethel, we passed through Poland Springs. Who knew that Poland Springs was even a real place?We were still getting our heads around that when we saw Cyndi’s Dockside restaurant. We were hungry for lunch and it looked like a classic Maine kind of place. So we stopped in.

It was completely charming in a “have-we-stepped-back-in-time?” way. In the summer it is also a boat house that rents canoes and kayaks. In the winter there are ice fishing huts all over the lake.


As I ate my DELICIOUS fried haddock sandwich, the waitress filled Freya in on ice fishing and encouraged us to take a walk around the “ice road” and visit some of the fisherman. I was a little nervous about it until the waitress said that the ice was at least 14″ thick. The fishermen were happy to explain the mechanics of ice fishing. Super fun and highly recommended.


ON the mountain at Sunday River, they have a “Bite Into Maine” food truck selling fresh lobster rolls. The lobster rolls were voted one of America’s best by Food and Wine magazine. It was delicious.


And, it’s completely insane that you can take a break from skiing to buy a lobster roll at a food truck. Usually you get a cafeteria with bad pizza.


I love Maine!!


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