Toast Poast Number 0800 Hours

Is there life after breakfast? Yes there is! Yes there is!

Breakfast line dancing

Thank you Along-for-the-Ride Heidi.

Is There Life After Breakfast?

And what does Tim Krieder say to this? He says, wisely,

“I am sick of the phrase “first-world problems” — not just because it delegitimizes the perfectly real problems of those of us lucky enough to have enough to eat and Internet access, but because it denies the same stupid trivial human worries to people who aren’t. Are you not entitled to existential angst or tedium vitae if you live in Chad — must you always nobly suffer traditional third-world problems like malaria and coups d’état? If we’re lucky, we graduate to increasingly complex and better problems, and once all our material needs are satisfied we get to confront the insoluble problem of being a person in the world.

Even if we someday solve all our societal problems, people will still be unlucky in love, lonesome and bored, lie awake worrying about the future and regretting stupid things they did and wondering whether it’s all even worth it. Utopia will have an unendurable amount of hassles to deal with, endless forms to fill out, apathetic bureaucrats, taxes, ads and bad weather. Time will still pass without mercy.”

Time will pass without mercy. Yes, there is life after breakfast and it is called lunch.

Thank you, Suits-Herself-Cindy for introducing me to Tim Kreider.

Ray Davies
Lift yourself out of the doldrums
Make yourself a cuppa tea
Drag your emotions out of the gutter
Don’t wallow in self pity
When you wake up, all of a fluster
Thinking life has passed you by
Give yourself a kick up the backside
Jump out of bed and punch the sky
Is there life after breakfast
Full of possibilities
Is there life after breakfast?
Yes there is, after breakfast
So don’t live in agony
Is there life after breakfast?
Yes there is, after breakfast

5 responses to “Toast Poast Number 0800 Hours

  1. Lisa – keep the daily posts coming!
    I didn’t realize I knew Tim Kreider until I saw his list of articles and realized that his happy-gloom-and-doom had entered my life, most recently in the form of, “Is Monogamy Insane?” He also writes that he was depressed that he missed out on ‘ludes and then Googled whether they still make them and then discovered a steaming underground of first-world misery – a unique vision for sure.
    PS – I didn’t miss out on ‘ludes – fun times in 1973!

  2. Make a sammich and snap out of it!

  3. Hey LRoy,

    So nice to see you here. My friend Cindy turned me on to Tim Kreider and I had one of those “Where have you been all my life?” moments. I want to get my hands on his book. A very shared unique vision:)

    I missed out on the ludes first hand (fine by me. I don’t want anyone to see me sloppy. haha) but did have a lot of second hand experience. Always the guy sitting in the most comfortable chair at the party – all night! Ira’s brother, for example.

    Doing my best to post everyday. Haven’t showered in a week but Teddy doesn’t seem to mind. Priorities!

    Thanks for your comment – excellent as always.


  4. As for you, Mister Fixit, I got somethin’ snappy right here for ya!
    And it ain’t a sammich!

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