Dopamine Bump Anyone?

From My-Main-Sandwich-Man in Boston, LRoy:

Want to stir up a ruckus? Put together a list of the top any-number of any-thing.  You really want to start a flame war, pick the top sandwiches in New York!

Here’s a list which is making me drool though I just had dinner. Some of these look easy to agree with (and no matter what, I always include Katz’s pastrami), but others – broccoli classic?

I hear ya about the broccoli thingamabob. People talk about it though – the thing at No. 7 Sub. It takes skill to get a broccoli sub on any list other than Best Broccoli Subs.

So many sandwiches…

The 13 Best Sandwiches in NYC

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.29.51 AMAlidoro

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.42.50 AMKatz’s


2 responses to “Dopamine Bump Anyone?

  1. A pilgrimage to Arthur Ave. is in order.

  2. Book me, baby! I’m there.

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