Shameless Self Promotion Number 140 Degrees F

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.22.28 PM

It’s always a blast to create photos for the Food Network with the well-oiled machine of  Sara Levine RosenblumRenee Comet, Audrey Weppler, Carolyn Robb Schimley and Steve Redfearn. We work hard and produce a lot of pictures. And we have a lot of fun along the way.

For me it’s a treat to work with current recipes, to see what’s going on in the TV land of cooking, and to feel as though I am contributing in some way to getting people into the kitchen.

Jeff Mauro’s sandwich recipes raised all our eyebrows, as well as the numbers on our scales. Did that slow us down for a nano-second. Um, no. In fact, I wish I’d thought of the mac and cheese sandwich. Could I offer you a little pasta with your bread. Um, yes.

JeffMauro_CrunchyFriedPBAndJ_V - Version 2

Crunchy Fried PB and J


Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese with Bacon Two Ways

JeffMauro_AllAmericanDownHomePatrioticMeatloafSandwich_H - Version 2

All-American Down-Home Patriotic Meatloaf Sandwich

All photos by Renee Comet


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