Gotta Love a Scanwich

I have read that Oprah orders fries, smells them and sends them back. And I covet a particular photo of “George (Harrison) Smelling Soup”. Before we know it computers will be odiferous. Can we handle that? Me, I don’t want to and will take a pass on that feature. If I can’t taste it, I don’t want to smell it.

That said, we’ve become enured to looking, looking, looking at pictures of food. Much ink, air time and screen space has been devoted to discussions of why, why, why we take SO many pictures of what we eat, or don’t, and why we love -even truly horrid – photos of food.

I could venture some guesses – basic dissatisfaction with daily life, our constant quest for more-better-faster-bigger, a search for connection on the most basic, publicly acceptable level, pure bragging for the sake of our vanity. Or maybe we simply like food – in any form. Our appetites drive us – often into ridiculous realms such as smelling fries and waving them off,  or scanning our sandwiches. Purely harmless, though, and will not lead to car wrecks, broken marriages, public humiliation or jail time.

Anyway, without pictures of food, I would not have a job. Hurrah to desiring that which we cannot have. Without it, Buddha would not have a job.

Scanwiches again…and still.

Scanwiches has been quiet since June. I do hope everything is okay over there!


2 responses to “Gotta Love a Scanwich

  1. I could actually imagine scenarios where pictures of food do “lead to car wrecks, broken marriages, public humiliation or jail time.” Must be a site or app for that – should we create one? Obviously “our appetites” do all of those things – frequently.

  2. Yes, let’s create that. And what should we call it? Food porn fail!?

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