Toast Poast Number 1961

Toaster Valentine

Oh drat oh drat oh drat oh drat! I forgot to post this last week. My excuse is a good one – broken wrist mayhem – but it’s still just an excuse. There is really no such thing as a good one. A good excuse is called a reason.

My son forgot to make me a valentine so I put in a special request. Presented with his so-called valentine for me, on purple paper, I was unimpressed. All about him, the note he penciled was simply an excuse for why he had forgotten. Call me ungrateful. Call me never satisfied. I call this preparation for the pitfalls of romance. Ha. Poor boy.

Back to the drawing board, I put together a Madlib and he put it right with me.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 2.06.32 PM


4 responses to “Toast Poast Number 1961

  1. You are the best mom ever and someday Teddy will realize this.

  2. LRoy, you just stoked me through the teen years!

    From what I understand, parenting is supposed to be invisible to the parented. If the kid notices it, most likely he/she is sitting in a therapist’s office. Haha. Not to say I wouldn’t love my kid to look back from his adulthood, take stock and feel pretty lucky. Wouldn’t we all!

  3. Glad I slipped my card in your mailbox in time for the 14th. Thanks again for hosting our lovely and crafty afternoon.
    P.S. Had to laugh that you even signed his name for him.

  4. Oh I really am a horrible enabler.

    Your card was such a treat, Ellen. I think the have-people-over-to-make-cards-receive-a-lot-of-homemade-cards is a solid plan.

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