A Smoldering Debate

Celebrity sighting today at the Lunch Encounter – Mr. Fixit! His Honor Wit-and-Wisdom had a few minutes and a few ripe tidbits of sandwich sagacity to share.

The putative debate over gas grilling vs. charcoal reminds me of a politician’s straw man argument.

Such as, “There are those in our country who would shred the U.S. Constitution and use it for cat litter!”

There actually probably aren’t many sane people who would do that, unless they were really in a pinch. And it’s hard to believe anybody really believes that food tastes better cooked on a gas grill than over real fire.

People use gas for convenience – it’s easy and fast. It also seems wasteful to light a grill full of charcoal if you only want to cook a couple of pieces of chicken or a few hamburgers.

So plan ahead already. Fire up the grill on a weekend when you’re not in a rush, cook some meat or fish for dinner, and then grill some things to eat later in the week. 

That includes vegetables. While meat undoubtedly tastes best right off the grill, peppers and zucchini and eggplant might actually benefit from a few days in the fridge. 

I especially like to grill eggplant. Peel it and slice it lengthwise and soak the slices in olive oil and garlic while the coals are getting ready. Grill on both sides until it’s golden brown. A day or two later, you can dice it up along with a good tomato and some fresh mozzarella. Add more olive oil, salt and pepper.

The eggplant is creamy and smoky and satisfying, and it makes a perfect summer meal. 

But you’re probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with sandwiches?

Well, you don’t have to smoosh it over a slice of good bread to eat it. But you’d be crazy not to. 

Kind of like those cat litter people. 



2 responses to “A Smoldering Debate

  1. This isn’t up to your usual standards but maybe the guy will improve if you give him a chance.

  2. We are very patient here at the Lunch Encounter. Keep up the good work, young man.

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