Pierce’s is a Rightful Mecca

but couldn’t the bread be better?

A couple days ago, on the drive home from North Carolina, I made my regular stop off  US Route 64 for lunch at Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que.


Pierce’s was first introduced to me in the mid-80’s when it was still just a shack. You ordered your food at the window and ate it in the car.


Now Pierce’s is a full-on restaurant with seating for what looks like a couple hundred, a giant parking lot, lots of souvenir merchandise and a fancy awning.


The smokehouse still pumps out clouds of fragrant grey clouds, the bbq is still delicious and the sides continue to sing righteous back-up.


I like this place. I like the food. A lot. Pierce’s is popular, understandable.


The staff seem to take pride in their work.


They seem happy and well-fed.


Outside seating is my preference, particularly on such a pretty day as it was.


High praise for the meat, accolades for the greens, but why oh why is the bread so bad? Believe me, I ate every bite and licked my fingers. That said and done,  I cannot be the only bbq lover who prays for the current era of artisanal-local-heritage to tap its wand on the sad rolls that carry the pulled pork. Tap, tap, tap, fairy godmother of meat, make the bread better.


Thank you.


One response to “Pierce’s is a Rightful Mecca

  1. Facebook conversation about BBQ and bread:

    MA: A hard roll perhaps ?

    MH: I agree. It’s always like cotton

    CRS: Is a tastless absorbent bread the best vehical? What about some type roll with cornmeal in it? I guess its all about the bbq.

    LC: I think the bread should play back-up for sure, but I think soft is good, but it would be nice if it didn’t taste icky.

    LC: It’s at exit 234. Great place to stop.

    BN: A slight toasting helps big-time, and adds a good crunch above soft texture.

    MS: Miss small, European neighborhood bakeries so very much. No drinks, no tables, not fancy. just good, cheap and fresh baked! Also miss real butchers

    LB: Amen to that! It has to absorb some of the sauce and not disintegrate while eating…grabbing none of the attention for itself, just letting the smoky pork and creamy slaw take the lead. Is that too much to hope for?

    CW: i think using bad bread is a point of pride for some barbeque joints – rib sandwich on white bread.

    TH: Love it, love it, love it !!

    ED: I hear what you are saying but I think the squishy white bread is part of it for “those Southerners” as my mom would say.

    LC: I’m with LB, The bread shouldn’t be the star, but it shouldn’t be a detraction either. Soft and absorbent is good, also strong enough to hold the meat. But bad tasting seems unnecessary.

    TT: a sandwich with bread that is only ‘meh’ will never be a great sandwich..

    TT: i vote for a good kaiser roll, something that can hold the meat and sauce and slaw.. i made some pp sandwiches this way using harris teeter fresh bakery rolls, costco pulled pork and harris teeter carolina style mustard bbq sauce.. deee-lish!

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