Whatta Waffle



So yeah, I made this. The first one was too big and I couldn’t get it out of the waffle iron in one piece. I ate it anyway. The second one was smaller and more manageable. Aesthetics-wise it was better, too – not broken.

Waffled Mac’n’Cheese Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Macaroni and cheese – a normal batch, about 4-6 cups, or whatever you have leftover
Cheese slices of your choice – I like sharp cheddar, but fontina, mozzarella,       brie – anything that melts is good
Sliced ham

Spray a sheetpan with vegetable oil cooking spray, or cover it with a non-stick baking mat, and spread the macaroni and cheese on it, making a large rectangle, about 1-inch thick. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, at least an hour.

Preheat the waffle iron.

Cut the macaroni and cheese into squares or rectangles that will fit easily into your waffle iron, with room to spare. (If you make them too big the iron will not close.) Use a spatula to lift one macaroni and cheese piece onto the preheated waffle iron. Cover it with sliced cheese and ham. Top with a second macaroni and cheese piece.

Close the waffle iron and let your sandwich cook until very, very crispy. Let it cook a long time – like 10 minutes – or it will not lift out in one piece. Lift out carefully with a thin spatula and eat while hot. It will be DELICIOUS!




2 responses to “Whatta Waffle

  1. That’s living large:)

  2. I will waffle something for you when you are here. An egg, some pasta, a sandwich, eggplant parmesan:)

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