All Sandwich News Need Not Be Local

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According to a news release, the chain will open a Hagerstown location, its 29th, on Friday at 17301 Valley Mall. Primanti is a sandwich mainstay in Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania. Other outposts are in Ohio, Florida and West Virginia. Read on here.

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I like regional stuff to stay regional. When I can get whatever I want wherever I am it just doesn’t taste as good. Can’t blame Primanti for wanting to make a buck, but I will be sad to see this.

They also ship nationally for a mere $109. A bus ticket is cheaper and the adventure is longer lived.


4 responses to “All Sandwich News Need Not Be Local

  1. went to the Primanti Bros. shop by the Pitt campus … not the original but one of the oldest. it wasn’t that great … the bread was memorable only in a bad way. life is too short to eat bad bread.

  2. I remember liking the bread, but it is possible that I was predisposed to like everything about the place. I agree that life is too short to eat bad bread. Sometimes the balance of ambiance, legend, French fries, company, etc, offset the quality of the bread, or mask it. But still, you are right.

    When is it appropriate to grade a sandwich on a curve?

  3. there is something to be said for the charm of local institutions like this. part of the experience is being there, in a specific location with all that it adds to the experience. but i’m all for the spread of good food far and wide. if i didn’t have my favorite thai or pho place nearby, i’d be a few steps further from paradise..

  4. I agree with you, Tony. The diaspora is imperative. But spreading good food is different from the expansion of chains. I think the fundamental difference is that the latter can be a diluted experience. Is that it? Is that what bothers me?

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