Shameless Self Promotion Number 100,000

Tis the Season for Sandwiches

So, this is ran yesterday on the Chesapeake Fine Food Group blog. Full disclosure: CFFG is and has been my client for many, many years. The catalog is gorgeous and the food is topnotch. Honest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.21.11 PM
National Sandwich Day may fall on November 3, but sandwiches are surely most honored on the days following Thanksgiving, when everyone’s  fridge is loaded with amazing seasonal fixings, particularly if you think to cook – or buy – enough for leftovers.
Note to self: make plenty.

Should you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner mid-day, by bedtime you’ll be in need of a tide-me-over to breakfast. My favorite under these circumstances has always been the antidote to the feast – simply Roasted Turkey Turekyor Herbed Turkey Breast on thin-sliced sandwich bread. Still have a bit of Thanksgiving ambition in you? Add a swipe of Blue Cheese-Chive Butter and a leaf of crispy lettuce.  That should do for a sandwichy nightcap.cts35

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, reprise the groaning board with a customized gobbler – the Turkey/Stuffing /Cranberry Relish triple threat. I like a little warm gravy on the side for dipping – the American dip, so to speak, which ought to be a classic.

cbc_pic_3Day three, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, and you are, undoubtedly a little tired of turkey. Let’s hope Macaroni and Cheese was one of your Thanksgiving sides. Hey, how about a grilled macaroni and cheese sandwich? It’s a thing, you know, and for good reason. Two nice slices of bread, both buttered on one side, a thick slab of mac-and-cheese in the middle, and grill away. A little bit of bacon or if you’ve got it, would not gild the lily.

And finally, to top off the weekend, turkey or ham Biscuitsbcs24_1 are in order for Sunday brunch or lunch. That and a long afternoon nap should segue you comfortably into the post-holiday weekdays. Week days that will, if you are lucky, be punctuated by a few more turkey sandwich lunches!


Photos by Dean Alexander and styling by me!



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