The Cheese Touch

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I suspect that some of the earliest sandwiches were cheese sandwiches. Cheese endures at room temperature – or warmer – through a picnic, through the morning until lunchtime, on a buffet, at the beach. There is a cheese to happily pair with any sandwich fixing.

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Lucky Peach has just printed this story about American cheese, an arena that has become more and more exciting in  recent history. As much as the word “artisan” has become a word to mock, one must rejoice in artisanal American cheeses. Period.

An alpine-style Upland cheese from the state of Wisconsin would be make a beautiful grilled cheese and turkey on say, Friday, November 27 this year.

A Short History of American Cheesemaking

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2 responses to “The Cheese Touch

  1. Blessed are the cheesemakers.

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