Speaking Meat

The Allusionist

Here’s a game word, sponsored by Hello Fresh. Right, game as in the genre of meat is so called because it was obtained through the game or sport of hunting. This history lurks in the word ‘venison’, which evolved from the Latin ‘venari’, to hunt, through the Old French ‘venesoun’, which meant the meat of a large game animal. There’s the clue as to why the animal is called a deer until, upon the point it’s being eaten, it’s venison. Same with cows and beef, pigs and pork, sheep and mutton. The words for the creatures in their living state are the Anglo-Saxon ones; the meat words originated from French. After the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066, there came a few hundred years in which the aristocracy were speaking French, and they were the ones who could afford to eat the meat.

Photo by Renee Comet, styling by me, for Meat and Livestock Australia

When I think of sheep and lamb I do not think of hunting. Wrong! Just look at the Wild Sheep Foundation website. Does this give me pause when it comes to eating domesticated lamb? Hell yeah it does. My conscience says, hell yeah, pause and note the life that became your food. My conscience says, if I am not taking a minute to clear my head of all else, to bow down to miracle of life, then I should not be eating meat.

This is what the WSF has to say in its mission:

To be the best managed, most respected and most influential conservation organization in the world, for the benefit of all stakeholders and wild sheep worldwide.

To Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain™

We enhance wild sheep populations, promote professional wildlife management, educate the public and youth on sustainable use and the conservation benefits of hunting while promoting the interests of the hunter and all stakeholders.

Positive Attitude
Respect for others
Respect for wildlife
Hunting Ethics

 Got it. Words to live and eat by. Take note of your position on the food chain. And remember, above all else, pause and ENJOY EVERY LAMB SANDWICH. That lamb gave its life for your nourishment and pleasure.



2 responses to “Speaking Meat

  1. Well done…not the meat, the styling!!

  2. Haha! Thank you, Ellen:)

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