Speaking Sandwich

Guest post from Mr. Fixit. Many thanks!


Football coaches get paid obscene amounts of money. In an effort to justify their salaries (and maybe win more games), they talk about teaching selflessness and building cohesiveness. One coach has discovered the power of sandwiches in imparting these lessons.

According to news reports, first year Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain used sandwiches as bait to encourage players to drop by his office and chat. He mostly made peanut butter and jellies, but also grilled some cheese sandwiches.

One player who couldn’t resist was freshman receiver Antonio Callaway. McElwain made him feel at home by preparing PB&Js with the crust cut off, just the way the kid likes ’em. Callaway finished the season as the most productive freshman pass catcher in UF history, and the Gators exceeded expectations in McElwain’s first year, so the coach is likely to keep serving in-office sandwiches to his players. Hopefully they can enjoy the snacks with a glass of milk, not Gatorade.


GAINESVILLE | Weeks ago, it was discovered that Florida coach Jim McElwain routinely makes freshman wide receiver Antonio Callaway peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in is office, specifically without crust per the freshman’s liking.

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2 responses to “Speaking Sandwich

  1. How man of those tea sandwiches does it take to fill up a college football player?

  2. Those sandwiches are 6×6 and I have no idea how many it takes. What do you think? The crusts are the most filling part – what’s with these dainty football players who do not eat crusts????

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