I Sandwich Therefore I Am

Who should walk into the Lunch Encounter with a sandwich chronicle? Hey-Pal Susan. Hey pal, toss your hat onto a hook, take a seat and let me pour you a cup of coffee. We are all ears.


What do you do when your husband comes home with a hunk of Jarlsberg the size of a toaster? Luckily, Lisa’s post featuring the apple-cheese sandwich came just in time.  I am happy to report that this was still a huge hit, even though I used down-market bread right from the grocery aisle. Oh, and I used butter instead of olive oil. And the Jarlsburg. But I made up for the lapses by sautéing the apples in a small amount of homemade carmel sauce. YUM! I can’t wait to make it again – with the right ingredients.  Thanks for the inspiration!



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