Sour Cream and Other Delights


Fermentation, baby! a natural method for preservation, touted currently for helping to maintain a ~ unpleasant word alert!~ gut (yuck, but good).

Sour Cream Sandwich Fillings Cover

That and, more importantly, sour is essential. Sour, salty, sweet, bitter and umami are the five categories of taste. Without taste, who would want to eat? Without contrast, who would want to live?

Sour Cream Sandwich Fillings

Tuna, onion, pickle, sour cream, celery = Salty, umami, sour/salty, sour, bitter

Pickle, cheddar, sour cream, bread = Salty/sour, umami, sour, bitter

Follow with Sour Cream Chocolate Cake made famous by Peter Brett, fabulous pastry chef friend and colleague.


Scan 1

I have made this a few times. If you know me, you have had this birthday cake. Sometimes – shhhh – I make it with Greek yogurt.


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