Alive and Living, Justin Bruegenhemke

Live from St. Louis, it’s living legend, Justin Bruegenhemke! A person could do worse – St. Lou is a stupendous sandwich town, home to stellar originals. It’s a solid town, solidly in the middle of the country. If there is going to be a king of the Hill, there must be a hill, and the hill must be strongly built. So when in St. Lou fortify oneself, with a sandwich from the Hill.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.45.14 AMWhen we first caught up with Justin Bruegenhemke in September, he was 100 sandwiches into his goal of eating through the sandwich menus at all nine delicatessens and sandwich shops on The Hill. This past Saturday, January 16, at approximately 11:22 a.m. Central Standard Time, Bruegenhemke officially completed his Hill Topper project with the consumption of the Hogfather sandwich (hot salami, bacon and hot coppa on garlic cheese bread) at Gioia’s Deli.

Read on here.


Thank you, Morsty, lapsed St. Louan. Hope to meetcha there someday for a wich er two.


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