The Cure for Holiday Fatigue

This week alone – National Sibling Day, National Pet Day and now – I need a nap – National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Wait, I can’t sleep through that!

So here, in honor, still holding court after almost 100 years, THE sandwich, the grilled cheese. No grill in sight, tis true, but bury me in cheese, please.  A post reprised, the grilled cheese repraised.


Delicious By Design includes photos produced by Renee Comet and me. Something like 35 of ’em, none of them sweets. Lots of meat and bacon and butter, plenty of onions and garlic. This food is loud and proud and crusty on the edges.  The author and designer, Rob Sugar, gave us free license in the studio. Well, at first we were on a retractable leash, but Renee and I gnawed through that on day one. Then our imaginations ran free through the neighborhood.

Free rein comes with responsibility, of course. Damnit Janet. As much as we sometimes want to bark at squirrels and dig big holes under fences and shake muddy water all over you, we don’t and we didn’t. No we don’t cause we are PROFESSIONALS.

Like grilled cheese and tomato soup, creativity and capability are halves of a whole at Renee’s studio. At their tastiest when mingled.


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