I Can’t Tell You Who to Sock It To

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.21.14 PM.png

Sandwiches are a thing, right? I know what you are thinking, “Does she need to ask?” In these times, you’re a thing or a no-thing.

Sandwiches are my thing. I do what I want to do. Haha. I do not. I do what my son/boss/mom/dog want to do. It makes a difference, who I give that thing to. Yes it do.

I thing, therefore I am.

The City Paper gave their love now. It’s makes a difference, the Sandwich Issue.  But it ain’t no big deal, there ain’t no sandwich ISSUE. No issues with that thing.  Cause we all need love now. And a sandwich is love now.

It’s a thing, do what you wanna do, I can’t tell you who to sandwich it to. Just give your love now, to whoever you choose. How can we lose, with the stuff they use now? The stuff they use!!! Lambstrami, lettuces you never heard of, cheeses that have aged since the stone age, doodads, micro-magnesium greenasium, pain domain, artisanal moutarde. It’s a thing. Sandwich to you now!



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