Precious Crystals

Chefs love this 600 million-year-old salt, I’m told. So much tastier than bog butter, one supposes.

Just why do they? Found out here.

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Every time I turn around Dickinson’s salt appears. Like fresh snow. Welcome, unexpected, quiet, delicious as it falls on your tongue.

The United States Postal Service, that bringer of all things good, bad and in between brought me a box of Dickinson’s salt. Harold sent it. He told me that he had had it for many years and had not found anything to put it on. Waaa? The man does not eat salt. Were it not for salt, I would not eat.

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With the package came a note.

A little background on the salt post: not swearing to any of this, but it’s the stories I heard growing up. 

No. 1 Can swear to this: the original family farm where the salt wells are is directly across a highway from Buzz Foods home of Teddy’s favorite burger, the Buzz Buttered Steak. 

No. 2  This village is where Booker T. Washington spent his adolescence. He even returned there during the summers when he was a professor at Hampden College to work in the coal mines. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.11.58 PM

No. 3 Cabin Creek Quilts began in the village. Some say that was the beginning of the back to roots crafts movement. They won a Coty Award. Think that’s like an Oscar in fashion. Senator Rockefeller was involved.

Why he would not eat the salt, considering its pedigree, I do not know. What’s a little salt in in the grand scheme of things? So, not to be harsh, WV Slim’s loss, our gain. We are eating it. On sandwiches. Lord have salty mercy it is so good on a tomato slice. Thank you, Harold!


4 responses to “Precious Crystals

  1. Really enjoyed seeing how you put this together although quoting me about anything is risky business. Your unique writing style has always fascinated me. I often read what you’ve written several times to try and catch any nuances I missed. Sorry for the delay in responding. Yesterday and last night were difficult for Calvin. Today is better, but his time is limited. Also in case you didn’t know, a running/teaching friend was a victim of last week’s flooding. She was a gentle soul, wonderful teacher, and iconic West Virginia runner. She was the last WV woman to beat me (1986). I got to share that with her last year when our mothers returned from a seniors bus trip. Apologize for unloading but wanted you to know the whole story. Thanks again for the positive WV pr.

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  2. Hey there, Thank you for the salt, thank you for the memories, thank you for reading and thank you for the nice long note. I’m so sorry to hear about Calvin and also about your running friend. Life is so fragile and brief, it seems. We are not like 600 million-year-old salt. Please give Calvin a big hug and kiss from me, greet your mother and also, please accept my heartfelt condolences for the tragic loss of your friend, Harold. So very sad. I hope you are doing well and thriving – that certainly seems to be so!

  3. Great little article, Lisa. You’ve convinced me! As an unapologetic salt-o-holic, I need to try this. Can I order it online?

  4. Thanks, Jo! This salt is really delicious. We have other salts we like, too, and Teddy likes to choose:) Here is the link for shopping Dickinson’s salt. Those in WVA will thank you, as do I!

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