Hotdogging the Holiday Loafing

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The debate continues to rage: Is a hotdog a sandwich? I say yes, based on zero research or reflection. Pure kneejerk.

I did, however, spend some time in the Lunch Encounter Lab, testing a radical theory. Could one build a hotdog loaf? If so, I put hotdogs in the sandwich camp. Fired up!


Yes, a hotdog can be loafed. And iced with chipotle mayo. And sliced. This proves, as definitively as needed by me, that a hotdog is indeed a sandwich.

You can now put that to rest and your mind can resume its ease. You’re welcome and happy 4th!

Should you need a baseline, take a peek at this. Need more be said? Or spread? Nah.Sandwich Loaf

While that sandwich incroyable is enough to make one shriek and run for cover,  we must consider this (below) imaginative loaf from yesteryear. Hotdogs have been wiggling their way into sandwich territory for eternity. Or at least since the 50’s.

Happy birthday, these United States, and pass the ketchup.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.42.53 AM


5 responses to “Hotdogging the Holiday Loafing

  1. Proven beyond a doubt! Looks delicious.

    • Not sure “delicious” is the appropriate describer, but it was certainly interesting. Next time I will lay in layers of relish and caramelized onions. Oooh, and maybe chili!

      • I thought again about that word, after posting. But there, I said it. It was a momentary hot dog craving on July 4th. But with a good chili on top? Definitely!

  2. I hope, nay expect, that all readers of this blog watched Joey Chestnut break the record for most hot dogs ever eaten at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest – 70 in 10 minutes. Missed it?: Here ya go:

    • On on the the outer reaches of athletics we have the stomach churning “sport” of Olympian hotdog eating. I hear they train hard and wonder if they are sponsored.

      Thank you for posting this, LRoy. It is required watching for any Lunch Encounterer.

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