Toast Poast Number Triskaidekaphobia

Well, this story, FORGET POWER STATIONS WORRY ABOUT TOASTERS, CYBER EXPERTS SAY, is a Fahrenheit -47 degrees downer, partially because Bloomberg Technology seems to have forgotten punctuation. How can we worry about our toasters when we are terrified about a misplaced apostrophe? Imagine a cyber expert busting down the door to seize your toaster’s? Now that would indeed be dreadful.
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.29.19 AM

We did not predict our love affair with smart phones, so I will take it on faith that our love affair with smart appliances will be equally enthralling. There is no falling without fall out – bumps, scratches, scrapes and bruises. Leaps of faith include getting banged up, right? Though I would not have pegged the docile toaster as a potential cyber-heart land-mine.

When the Internet of Things – that’s right, the INTERNET OF THINGS – gets a hold of our appliances, we are done for. Done. For. And then we will figure it out. Ann Landers, I hope you are getting an advanced diploma in cyber security.

Thank you, Sorry-Birds Ellen, for putting terror in my heart. To toast or not to toast? With intelligence. That is the 13 million dollar question. Can we hack it???



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