Do You Know From Joe?

The New Jersey Sloppy Joe, that is. If you are drawing a blank, please read MMSMINY’s Skinny on the Joe before scrolling even a teensy bit. Click on the link. I promise you will be glad. It will save you a lot of headscratching and me a lot of sammysplaining. When James speaks, one is wise to listen. James knows the Joe, is not afraid of words and does not waste them. Plain speak and essential. He’s gifted that way.

Knowing about the Joe makes me excited about life in general. That is the power of a spectacular sandwich.

This was my maiden voyage to the Milburn Deli. Here’s my bucket list:

  1. Have a Joe at the Milburn Deli.


Do you know from MMSMINY? My Main Sandwich Man in New York is the inimitable James Farber, a man who has stayed successfully under the internet radar until…now. Sorry James. Sandwiches will put a person in  the spotlight. James’ phone numbers, SSN, mother’s maiden name and routing numbers are all below. Sorry James. Thanks, Obama.


I know from Joe now and can dish on its squish. A Joe is wet. At the Milburn the bread is very thin and firm, and there are three slices. They used to butter it, but no longer, unless requested. Personally, I think butter would take this sandwich from spectacular to stellar. We did not have butter, but I will next time. I like butter on  a sandwich, especially cold butter. Most folks do not, and that  is a-ok. The Joe is a stand out, butterless. Miraculously, the bread is not soggy.

Cole slaw is all over the place on a Joe. Between the layers, spilling out on the paper, on your hands, in your lap. If you start with a napkin, you will need a mess of em. What do you mean, you don’t like cole slaw? Speaking of head scratchers. It’s the mayonnaise,  you  say? No, say it ain’t so.

Are you a control freak? To find out, answer these questions.

When someone claims to dislike mayonnaise do you

  1.  Think that they do not know what they are talking about?
  2. Believe that they really do like mayonnaise but are unwilling to admit it?
  3. Think they are out of their minds?
  4. Feel sorry for them?

If you answered yes to any of the questions you are a control freak.

At the Milburn they make their own iced tea. And bottle it. Plain labels. Love me a plain label. Love me a plain anything. Anything that does not scream in your face. “Unsweetened Iced Tea” says it all. Succinctly. It tasted just right. Plain. No need to brag. Super cold, too.

James and I were at the Milburn Deli on a hot Thursday and we sat outside to accommodate my dog. At James’s insistence I did peek my head inside to absorb the atmosphere. Mayhem! Correction: orderly mayhem. Sandwiches flying out the door in  giant brown bags. These Jersey folks are on to something.

The Joe. Unleashed. I’m ALL in.




2 responses to “Do You Know From Joe?

  1. One of your best posts! (I know, there are so many winners.) And your Sloppy Joe primer is a must read, as well. Craving a return visit to NJ to stop at the Milburn and/or Town Hall Delis! Next drive to NYC.

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