With Gladness Make a Joyful Noise, No Matter How Trying

I took those bites with gladness and I made a joyful noise. It’s a tomato sandwich, for heaven’s sakes. Plus, I had the sandwich in my hand and someone had to do it. For the sake of the picture. Mmm-mmm, it had been too long.

Down in Richmond, that’s the place to eat a tomato sandwich. Did they not originate in the Central Virginia region? Down in Tim Kaine territory. Love that man and am so sorry he is not moving to DC in January.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Photo by Jeff Saxman

Could this stylist be identified by her dental records? Perhaps. My teeth have not moved, but my lips sure have. It was a tentative smile last week, cautiously optimistic that this country would elect our first woman president. Were I to take a bite of this sandwich today, it would be tear-salted and upside down.

I hope we can all find our common ground, beginning at the beginning, communing with simple food, say a tomato sandwich and on from there, to trust, generosity, and love for all. We’ve got to get resilient, accept what is obsolete, adjust, adapt, reach out, carry on.

Today,  my gladness is in mourning and my joy is blunted. Give me a little time and a little sustenance. You take some, too. Then we will get back at it together, pack ourselves a sturdy lunch and bring on the love. En masse.


5 responses to “With Gladness Make a Joyful Noise, No Matter How Trying

  1. Hear hear! Elect this woman for Empress of Great Food & Sustenance! It may just save us.

  2. Toast, mayo, tomato? That’s it? Not that it doesn’t look delicious.

  3. No toast radio. Just plain bread. It needs to be soft to soak up the tomato juice. Lots of mayo necessary, as well. That’s it. Bread, mayo, tomato. I think some people put a little salt or a little sugar.

  4. Please don’t elect me to anything. Looks brutal, even if it involves sandwiches.

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