Live Till You Die

Emitt Rhodes reappeared via WOWD with his song Fresh As a Daisy. Now his album is back in the house, thanks to ebay, and Live Till You Die spins. My dad is 98. My mom is 95. We have been advised – thank you Warren Zevon – to enjoy every sandwich. Every Sandwich. Can one? Every sandwich? I think yes. Enjoy every sandwich until you die. That’s my version of living. Should one leave a mess in the kitchen – bread unwrapped, tomato scraps not composted, mustard smeared spreader – when the reaper arrives, so be it. Bravo!

A sandwich cover can be many things according to the google. What is meant by Emmit Rhodes’ sandwich cover, I do not know, and would like to. Could I call him now, I would, to ask about sandwiches, sandwich covers and to tell him how much I love his music.

When I die I hope to leave, well, nothing with which to reckon – a very flawed approach to the finish line. Competitive runners, cyclists, anyone moving forward with vigor, must pour it on through the finish line, I have been told and see the reasoning. It seems natural to slow as one nears the end. Slow down, look around, access, review, adjust expectations, do a bit of tidying. I do know that life is not a race. I know, I know. Yet there is something to be said – everything – to be all in until we are not.

4 responses to “Live Till You Die

  1. reuben jackson

    Don’t ever die

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  2. Thank you Lisa! Well done.

    We live pretty well here and do a lot of sandwiches. I am a FOH cashier at a local market now (semi-retired) and often have a sandwich during my break mid morning. Wife Donna makes them for me most days – and we have become fans of using thin slices of local apples as an ingredient. Wonderful.

    Off to the Asparagus and Arts Festival at West Brookfield, MA this morning. Been attending since 2009, though ’20 & ’21 were cancelled due to the pandemic. Good to have it back!

    Take care, enjoy every sandwich! David K.

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