Pork Roll Cheesey Sub

Bob // July 15, 2008

Pretty good stuff……for a heart attack on a plate.

Use 4-6 slices of pork roll (fried or micro waved), 2 slices of yellow or white American cheese and fried onions. Place pork roll inside a sub or hoagie roll, with chees on top (microwave briefly, to melt cheese). Smother with fried onions (ketchup or bbq sauce optional). Corn chips or doritos might be a tasty side treat.


One response to “Pork Roll Cheesey Sub

  1. pomeroy3@aol.com

    No self respecting Pork Roll sandwich would have fried onions and not be on a soft roll!…a fried egg can be added, but fried onions, not!

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