Meers Store and Restaurant, Lawton, OK

The Meers Store26005 State Highway 115Lawton, OK(580)429-8051 Chosen by Food and Wine as one of “America’s Top Restaurants”, September, 2007. It’s one thing for a restaurant to use grass-fed, all-natural beef in its burger. It’s an entirely different matter when that beef comes from the restaurant’s own herd of Texas longhorns. Such is the case at the ramshackle Meers Store and Restaurant. Joe Maranto’s famous Meersburger is a half pound of beef, flattened during cooking so that it resembles a pancake and served on a seven-inch bun topped with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. The burger is quartered and served on an aluminum pie plate, a substitute for the original serving plate – a gold miner’s pan.  


One response to “Meers Store and Restaurant, Lawton, OK

  1. I have been going to this establishment for decades due to the fact that my ancestors and family have been there forever. I remember having a great dining experience because not only was the food awesome but the service was spectacular. Now the last time I went to visit my mothers grave this place is always the closest to get nurishment…so I go there again because their burgers are to kill for! Whatever happened to the service? I was appalled to find that our hostess had a trashy mouth with an attitude to kick it off! I can understand that it was busy but please! We the customer are not cattle and there is no reason to be so pushy when my family want to experience what I have gloated about…far from the truth, now Im punned as a liar! Thanks Meers! I appreciate the experience and I will be sure to tell everyone I know NOT to visit!

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