Chicago Dog Tales from Time Out Chicago

Dynamite Dogs

Time Out Chicago / Issue 175 : Jul 3–9, 2008

Hot dog, wiener, frank, red hot, encased meat bestowed by the gods…whatever you call it, chances are you’re going to gobble this all-American artery-clogger at least once during the Fourth of July weekend. If you’re going for an authentic Chicago dog, it must have seven specific ingredients—no more, no less—or it ain’t no hometown wiener. And for the love of God, don’t order your frank with ketchup, lest you incur the wrath of anti–red sauce activists. We Chicagoans love our favorite stands almost as much as the dogs themselves, and sometimes we’re willing to go to great lengths (or at least put up with lines of unbearable length) to get our hands on perfection in a bun.


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