M’Dawg- Washington, DC – CLOSED

Haute Dogs

Greggory Hill – Owner & Hotdog Fluffer
2418 18th Street, NW
email: gh@m-dawg.com

A cozy store front in Adams Morgan is home to M’Dawg, sardined into a stretch of 18th Street packed with bars, clubs, restaurants, boutiques, bizarres and newstands.

Byron Peck’s mural and paint treatments dress up the shop.

Ever the minimalist, Teddy chose a simple squirt of ketchup. I took the traditional German American (aka Wisconsin) route – sauerkraut, onions and brown mustard.

While the menu ventures well on beyond hot dogs to bratwurst, Italian sausage, andouille and veggie dogs, we came with hot dogs on the brain and chose a Chicago red hot (which is not hot spicy) and a Hebrew National. I like a dog whose skin snaps when you bite it.

The groaning board of a fixins bar. I understand that North Carolina style includes coles slaw and chile toppers.

M’Dawg’s desserts begin with ginger snaps and end with rice crispy treats. We took a pass with thoughts of Hot Diggity Dog’s superlative Apple Pan Dowdy on my mind. I do wish somebody in DC would reprise that recipe.

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