Superdawg – Chicago




One response to “Superdawg – Chicago

  1. I travel a lot, and I love hot dogs. I’ve eaten hot dogs in about every state. Superdawg is absolutely the best. I was raised in Chicago and I know what a good hot dog is. Am I biased? probably, but this is the best dog in Chicago. I like the way Chicago dogs are put together. No kraut, ketchup, [Ketchup on a hot dog is a sin 😉 ]chili etc. Just mustard, onions, neon/atomic relish, cucumber or celery salt, pickle, tomatoes and sports peppers. I think that we used to refer to them as being dragged through the garden. You just have to know how to eat them or most of it will fall on the ground. Kinda like eating a large taco. I know about tacos too. the best are in Tucson, AZ where I now reside.

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