Fallot Mustard Mill – Beaune, FRANCE


Mission: The Fallot Mustard Mill, the last independent mustard mill in Burgundy, is housed in the Napoleonic building of the original mustard factory, with its jars, table-mounted sieves, old drive belts, winnowing machines and millstones. An interactive tour, using video and other contemporary technology, is offered to groups limited to a maximum of 20. Fallot has been an independent Burgundian family business since 1840. The Mill continues to prepare its mustard using recipes guarded over several generations, milling the mustard seed with stone grinders.


One response to “Fallot Mustard Mill – Beaune, FRANCE

  1. If you ever get “down east”, ie, East Port Maine, 0n the east coast near the Canadian border, Check out Raye’s Mustard Mill. It began in 1900, and is the last mustard grinding mill in the USA. Their mustards are great. I stumbled onto this place on a road trip June, 2008. I glad that I did.
    Here is the web site: http://www.rayesmustard.com

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