Mount Horeb Mustard Museum – Mount Horeb, WISCONSIN

100 W. Main St.
Mount Horeb Mustard Museum
P.O. Box 72
Mount Horeb WI 53572
Curator: Barry Levenson, founder/curator
Tel/Fax: 800-438-6878

Mission: Video show; worldwide collection of thousands of kinds of mustard and 1,000+ antique mustard pots, housed in 7,700 sq. ft. storefront building..

Admission Info: Open daily, except major holidays, 10 am – 5 pm
Other Info: Issues a periodic newsletter.

I understand that the gift shop is stellar.


4 responses to “Mount Horeb Mustard Museum – Mount Horeb, WISCONSIN

  1. FYI, it is in the process of moving to Middleton. I drove by when I was in Madison over Labor Day and it looks like they are moving into a great space.

  2. Thanks, Ellen! I need to update the listing.

  3. If you ever have a chance to chat with Barry Levenson, Mayor of Mustardville, do so, he is the best.

    Funny and friendly, Barry knows mustard, marketing, humor, baseball, even the law (REFORMED lawyer, Assistant Attorney General, State of Wisconsin). He writes comedic satirical operettas, non-fiction tomes, silly slogans, you name it.
    A peach, no pit.

  4. midnight snack

    Thanks for the lovely comment and thanks for reading! Midnight Snack

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