The Toaster Museum Foundation

The Toaster Museum Foundation was in Charlottesville, VA.

April 30, 2009 I received this note from Eric Norcross, founder of the Toaster Museum Foundation with his wife, Kelly:

I was tootling around the Internet and found your post from about a year ago about the Toaster Museum Foundation. This is Eric of the same foundation (with a new email address) – and I’m glad I found your post and came to learn more about your passion for sandwiches & food.

First, an update about the foundation and toasters:
After leaving Charlottesville a couple of years ago we still held on to the hope that the collection of 500+ toasters (including your donated ones) could remain together and eventually find a place of display. The good news is that the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn acquired the entire collection late last year and they will stay largely together although we are uncertain when they will have the toasters ready for public viewing. Additionally the Henry Ford has committed to preserving the Internet resource, which has so well served researchers and students over the years. We’re still maintaining for the time-being.

Kelly and I have moved to Stratford, Ontario and have opened an arts focused Bed & Breakfast. It’s a great town with world-class theatre (Stratford Shakespeare Festival) and fabulous food – including one of the best sandwich places we’ve come across (and we’re sandwich fans): York Street Kitchen.

See my post here.


6 responses to “The Toaster Museum Foundation

  1. great blog i gotta say. thanks for the information alot of stuff i didnt know i thought this was about something like mickey toasters

  2. Toaster museum? If so thats the first I have heard of a museum for toasters. Or maybe Im getting it wrong

  3. Can you imagine all the best toasters in history?

  4. What a funny site – Best Toasters. Thank you! I actually need it.

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