3 responses to “ICONIC SANDWICHES

  1. We must give due to the urban legend that started it all-
    The Earl of Sandwich – the poker game he was too involed in to leave for a proper sit down meal-the request to his manservant for a serving of roast beef dressed in a slice of bread (pehaps some horseradish on the side?) the winning hand, the toothsome mouthful and a new way to eat was created. Now don’t attack me-I did say legend. HTO

  2. Another iconic ironic entry was the toast sandwich ordered by Jack in Five Easy Pieces.
    What started out as a BLT was stripped of
    it’s various layers until all that remained was
    the toast-though I don’t think that it ever
    made it to the table….HTO

  3. The Junction on Hghys 41& 116 in IL. and the Landmark in Williamsburg Iowa, they have the best homemade breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. The Junction has the best homemade onion rings in the world.

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