Beef on Weck – Buffalo

See my post with links here.

3 responses to “Beef on Weck – Buffalo

  1. Hi Lisa, follow the link above to a Facebook group that I’ve developed to track down, rate, and spread the good word about the king of sandwiches – the elusive Beef on Weck. Though said to be restricted to a small zone around Buffalo, which is largely accurate, we have nonetheless made sightings of Beef on Weck over a wide diasporic region, stretching now from Tuscon, AZ, to Cambridge, MA, and from Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA. More to come!

  2. So where in the Los Angeles area can I find a decent BoW? Or even a bakery that makes weck?
    20 million people here and I haven’t found even a bad BoW.
    Ani DiFranco is playing the Orpheum in LA at the end of June. Suppose she could bring me some, and some pie from Bocce or Casa di Pizza on Elmwood?

  3. midnight snack

    Facebook has a Beef on Weck group… Maybe someone there has a lead. I see a niche here. Perhaps you need to open a Buffalo style bar in LA and serve Beef on Weck. Yum!

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