La Teresita – Tampa, FL

La Teresita

2 responses to “La Teresita – Tampa, FL

  1. Cafe La Carreta is the quintessential Cuban restaurant, located in Little Havana, Miami.

    There’s a cuban place in Rockville called Cuban Corner; need to visit.

    This blog is called Midnight Snack…. you know the small version of a cuban sandwich is called a medianoche (midnight). I once tried ordering one and my cubana companion told me it is not “manly” to order the medianoche because it is the small size, for ladies.

  2. A friend was JUST telling me about a Cuban place in Rockville and he couldn’t remember the name. Thank you. I will make a point of going there.
    I did know about the Midnight Snack sandwich, but had forgotten. Thanks for that, too. Medianoche is such a sweet word. I hope your Cuban companion also told you to never drink from a stir straw – absolutely NOT manly:)

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