Charlie Parker’s Diner – Springfield, IL

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4 responses to “Charlie Parker’s Diner – Springfield, IL

  1. Very disappointed. Quick friendly service but after 40 minutes we left. The ‘horseshoe’ sandwiches never got served. People were coming in , getting served and leaving all around us and our food never came!!! Guess they lost our order? We drove 40 miles and were really looking forward to it. 😦

  2. Janet Roseland

    Have never been there but would like to go. Do they have a menu posted somewhere on their site?

  3. The breakfast specialty of the hoouse, other than the giant pancakes that are their claim to fame, is a blueberry-stuffed french toast.
    The owners claim thiis recipe was one they worked with a while to get just right, but it is eerily similar to the recipe posted in the local paper a few years ago from a Kathry Rem article on a local resident, Bridget Donley, who, at the time, was pastry chef for The Maples Inn bed and breakfast in Bar Harbor Maine
    Such a shame that they cannot give proper credit for this recipe…

  4. Michael McCracken

    I had a business lunch there this past Thursday. The food and service were excellent. The waitress told me about their famous horseshoe but I choose the pork tenderloin and it was outstanding. I met the owner Mike as I was paying my tab and he seems like a great fellow. Thank you, I will be back soon…… Michael

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