Hot Brown

I know this photo is horrible, but I like it anyway. Love the individual ceramic “skillet”. This looks to be about as far as you can get on the continuum from a sandwich and still call it a sandwich.

Never heard of a Hot Brown until I was enlightened by the PBS documentary, Sandwiches You Will Like. How did I get to be this old without hearing of or EATING a Hot Brown? A Louisville specialty, the Hot Brown is fitting for a Kentucky Derby party, as chronicled in Washington Post Food today. My preference would be to eat one in Kentucky, made by someone else’s hands. In lieu of that, find a recipe here for this gooey broiled wonder described by Bonny Wolf in the Post as “Louisville’s famous hot open-faced sandwiches of turkey, tomatoes, bacon and peppery Mornay sauce.”


2 responses to “Hot Brown

  1. Amazing Bob recommends the Brown Hotel in Louisville, at the corner of 4th and Broadway.

  2. I had a Hot Brown at the Falls of Rough State Park Restaurant in Grayson Co. KY. It was okay, the cheese sauce seemed a little to thick. My Girlfriend, who’s a local, insisted I have one after telling her about a dish I love…. Originally I had this at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn, MI. Three toasted english muffins topped with shaved ham, turkey, & chicken topped with cheese sauce, then french fried onions on top of that. Served with skinny french fries & fresh fruit – it’s to die for! I make it at home – YUM! ; >O
    I’d love to try a Hot Brown in Louisville. Bobby Flay did a Hot Brown throw-down in Louisville.

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