I didn’t notice a mention of this important category in your blog. Mike and I start every road trip with a stop at McDonald’s for a biscuit, egg, sausage, and cheese. (And I have to admit a fondness for those little greasy, oval disks they call hash browns.) But the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve found, discovered by Lynne Breaux of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and served at breakfast meetings there, are from

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, 1710 H St, NW 822-8828.

Thomas Head


  1. Breakfast sandwiches…a very important category. A recent addition to Neal’s: (
    Made with love on house-made biscuits and bagels.

  2. Now that tomatoes are rolling in from the garden, I’ve been eating lots of tomato sandwiches for breakfast. A little mayo, a nice juicy tomato–not only is it good, it seems so darn healthy.

  3. Yum, drop one by my place some morning. I have not had a tomato sandwich in a long, long time. What sort of bread do you use? Plus what? Mayonnaise, salt and pepper?

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