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  1. The BEST lobster roll I’ve ever had is currently served in NW DC at Hank’s Oyster Bar, which is right off of 17th St., 1624 Q St. Not only is it all (sweet) lobster, it’s lightly bound with mayo, and generously served on a subtly butter-toasted hot dog roll. WOOF!

  2. EGG BOMB!

    There is the egg bomb from Nicola Pizza in Arlington, MA – a thing apart – a scary thing apart:

    Scrambled egg

    Oh man, I want one now!

  3. I have a place that is mentioning and boy do they make a mean Ruben.

    Last year we went to Key West for vacation and found a restaurant called Damn Good Food and let me tell you, I can’t eat Rubens like I used to. Their sandwich was soooo good that I dream about it all the time. Well not all the time, but most of the time. What I love about it is that the bread is so crispy, but not burnt, that it doesn’t get soft and I hate soft sandwiches. And soggy too. I don’t know their secret but even after sitting in the sandwich basket after 10 minutes ( I had to go to the bathroom with my daughter) it was still very crispy and buttery. YUMMMMMMY!!!!

  4. If you want a delicious, hearty sandwich at a reasonable price, try Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli at 1725 Duke St. in Alexandria. Their fare offers a pretty close representation of casual deli dining in New York/Brooklyn. Their Italian submarine and chicken parm sandwiches will fill you up. For the daring try the Bronx Bomber, Hell’s Kitchen, or Cajun Turkey. Their bread is baked on the premisis every day. There is also a store on H St NW in DC.


  5. Hey, great tip. Thank you!

  6. I worry about you that you don’t have Litteri’s or Hogs on the Hill on your DC list. If you haven’t been, go now!!
    3rd& Morse NE (by the DC Farmer’s Mkt)

    Hogs on the Hill
    NY & Bladensburg NE (behind the Checkers)

  7. Well, as many times as I have been to Litteri’s – nearly daily for over a year when I worked two doors down – I have not gotten around to adding them to the directory cause I haven’t been over there lately. Did just add Litteri’s with a link to their site and I will make a point of getting there this week. My sister was after me on the same point.

    BBQ…I do list some BBQ joints on this blog, but that is another whole HUGE topic separate from sandwiches. I am conflicted about including BBQ here, truth be told. I will add a listing for H on the H, cause I do go there, and also go quite often to Dixie Bones, which is owned by the previous owners of H on the H. Dixie Bones is very good, imo, and the pies are excellent.

  8. If you’re listing burgers in DC, you’ve got to have Ray’s Hell Burger, for a myriad of perfectly grilled, messy masses of ground beef AND the Cafe at Palena, for one the most delicately and refined burger availabe in the DC area. Both are perfectly conceived and executed, routinely topping favorite and “best of” lists throughout the area.

    Also, check out Breadsoda for BLTs and Surfside for tacos, both in Woodley Park. Both are at least contenders for “best of DC” honors.

  9. Check out this site for more great hotdog places!

  10. midnight snack

    Here is the link from Phil:

    Great site. Thank you, Phil!

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