Danny’s Italian Hoagies – Bethel Park

Danny’s Italian Hoagies on Rt 88 in Bethel Park. People drive great distances still to have one of these hot, oregano-seasoned, perfectly oiled sandwiches. I started eating these in high school and still want to turn in every time I drive by. Danny needs to fix his sign, but the sandwiches aren’t broken. Rick Sebak

11 responses to “Danny’s Italian Hoagies – Bethel Park

  1. Great hoagies. Every time we come to Pittsburgh, we try to stop by Danny’s, Uncle Sam’s, Primanti Bros., and Vincent’s Pizza. What we don’t get to this trip, we make the trek the next time.

  2. I’ve never been there, but it sounds amazing. You had me at oregano and oil!

  3. Leslie Hepler Reynolds

    Danny’s hoagies have been part of my life since the 1960s. I never return to Bethel Park for a reunion or to visit friends without stopping for a hoagie. A Danny’s hoagie was mandatory when watching Steeler games with my parents.

  4. Lorraine Kozlowski

    We grew up eating hoagies at Danny’s. Since in the 60’s. They are the BEST their is. The bread is so crunchy, my mouth is watering already!! We never come back to Pittsburgh without stopping at Danny’s and Beto’s Pizza on Banksville Road. As a matter of fact, that’s about ALL we eat when we are in town!!

  5. Is there any chance for a franchise in Richmond Va.?

  6. I haven’t had one for thirty years, really, but I still think about Danny’s once in a while…love em and I hope they are the same when I get back there.

  7. In the late seventies after a night of bar-hopping, Danny’s was the place we would go for that great hoagie, grease and all. It was the best. When we travel back to the ‘Burgh (from Virginia) we stop and get a couple for the freezer. Nothing like it in ‘Ole Virginny, sadly.

  8. Love the Italian. My first job was at Danny’s in the mid 80’s. We had a great time working there. The Steak and Cheese was awesome as well. We were open late on Friday and Saturday’s and had some of the craziest people come in.

  9. dave cavasinni

    “Moss” knows how to make em.

  10. Danny’s is the greatest Italian hoagie to ever be created. I can’t believe every pizza shop doesn’t copy it. Fortunately I worked at the Rt 51 shop in the late 80’s. The taste of the oil baked on the bun with the melted cheese alone is fantastic. Add the shredded lettuce and tomato & it’s all over. The ketchupy-barbeque sauce for the steak hoagies is also excellent and the pizza is good too. Make a point to go there. I wish I still worked there. My favorite food in the world.

  11. yum on our way there now . I was looking for the phone number when I landed here. I think it’s great that they never change the recipe. Too often new owners try to improve an icon and end up ruining it. I’m in my 60″s and remember going to Danny’s in high school…still the same.My daughter lives in Ohio and we have to visit Danny’s when she comes home.(Along with the Sesame Inn in Mt. Lebanon)

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