Another fave is from Primanti’s in Pittsburgh: These things are huge. I like either the cappicola or genoa salami–they take the cappacoli, slap it between 2 pieces of cheese, prbably provolone and grill both sides. Then it goes in a soft Italian bread and inbetween are fries and a vinegary cabbage-only coleslaw. Served on a piece of wax paper. Great stuff. Miriam R

The Primanti Sandwich. Of course. It’s our city’s “signature sandwich” with fries and slaw and meats (my favorite is grilled pastrami) and cheese (and egg if you’re really bold) between slices of Italian bread. An essential Pittsburgh experience available at several locations. I’m a sort of regular at the South Side location (where Kathy knows to make mine on the heel of the loaf), but the place in the Strip is the mother-shop.
Rick Sebak


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